School of Biological and Chemical Sciences

Dr Nathalie Lebrasseur


Senior Lecturer, Deputy Director of Taught Programmes for Chemistry

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7882 8884
Room Number: Room G.05, Joseph Priestley Building


Research Interests:

Delivering new drugs, materials, sensors, etc. rapidly, in high efficiency with minimal environmental impact is one of the biggest challenges currently faced by the chemical industry. In this context, the multi-step synthesis of complex organic compounds has an indisputably crucial role to play. However, despites tremendous advances in the area, multi-step synthesis remains generally inefficient. Even for molecules of relatively modest complexity, syntheses usually involve a high number of steps, generating large amounts of waste and requiring time-consuming and costly isolation and purification steps. We are therefore interested in the design of innovative synthetic methodologies offering a rapid and efficient access to molecular complexity. In particular we are aiming at developing a set of robust conditions to allow the direct CAr CAr bond formation reactions to be performed in a continuous flow process. Such methodologies will offer to option to use these atom economical cross-couplings to produce complex organic molecules with an assembly-line-like efficiency.

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