School of Biological and Chemical Sciences

Manuela Kramer


PhD student



Project title: Dynamic changes in spacial distribution and interaction of Ferredoxin:NADP+ Reductase

Summary: Investigation of the spatial relationship of FNR interactions and the dynamic changes in FNR location via different imaging approaches. Fluorescence imaging of immunolocalized FNR will be performed on chloroplasts from transgenic Arabidopsis lines with FNR localized to different membrane complexes to understand where these interactions occur. Chloroplasts will be fixed after treatment with different light intensities to identify the impact of altered electron transport and stress on FNR location in the chloroplast. lmmunogold localization of FNR will be performed on fixed leaves by transmission electron microscopy localize FNR at different compartments within the chloroplast. The C- and N-terminals of FNR are critical for function. Plants will therefore be cotransformed with FNR tagged on internal loops with a specific epitope and a green fluorescent protein tagged antibody against this epitope. FNR location will then be imaged in plants under variable conditions. Hand in hand with these localization studies growth, yield and productivity of the different genotypes under different and fluctuating light conditions will be correlated.