School of Biological and Chemical Sciences

Dr James Garnett


Early Career Researcher

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7882 8446
Room Number: Room G.04, Joseph Priestley Building


Research Interests:

Our main research goal is to understand the molecular mechanisms of how microorganisms cause disease. Currently we are investigating key processes that virulent bacterial strains implement to establish infection and persistence within the host and the environment.

Using complementary structural biology techniques (X-ray crystallography, solution state NMR and SAXS) coupled with cellular, biochemical and other biophysical approaches, we are probing the following research themes:

  • Biofilm formation
  • Translocation across membranes
  • Modulation of host responses to infection
  • Identification of novel targets for new antimicrobial developments

Specifically we are providing molecular insight into how bacterial pili and fimbriae mediate host adhesion and provide inter-bacterial biofilm interactions; mechanisms of substrate recognition and secretion across bacterial outer membranes (e.g. Legionella pneumophila type-II secretion system); the biogenesis of secretion systems (e.g. Pseudomonas aeruginosa type-VI); and how substrates/effectors secreted by bacteria aid the formation of biofilms, replication in eukaryotic/protozoan hosts and subversion of host immune responses (e.g. substrates of the Legionella pneumophila type-II secretion system). With these projects we aim to identify novel drug targets that could be exploited in the fight against emerging antibacterial resistance.

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Public Engagement

We actively promote public engagement with our community, which includes connections with local schools and colleges, providing Nuffield Research Placements for 6th form students and participation in Queen Mary outreach events.