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School of Biological and Chemical Sciences

Asifa Islam


PhD student



Project title: Role of kinetochore bound microtubule associated protein (MAPs) in developing chromosomal instability in cancer cells

Summary: Cancer cells are unregulated, rapidly proliferating cells. Each human cell has 23 pairs of chromosomes containing the genes required for proper cell function. During cell division, DNA replicates and each duplicated chromosome segregates to result in two daughter cells containing identical set of chromosomes. Chromosomal segregation errors may lead to numerical or structural abnormalities within the chromosomes. Significant evidence in the literature indicates that chromosomal instability may not only cause cancer but also may affect patient treatment and prognosis. I will create prevalent cancer mutations identified from online cancer databases in human cell lines and try to identify phenotypes using live and fixed cell microscopy. Next, I will take the biochemical approach and study protein-protein interactions to understand the basis of these phenotypes.