School of Biological and Chemical Sciences

Angelo Monteiro


Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher/PhD student



Project title: Molecular imprinted polymers for detection of chlorogenic acids in coffee

Summary: This project is part of the IPCOS European Industrial Doctorate project ( that aims to develop new  chemical sensors, using the molecular imprinting technology, for coffee components. This particular part of the project will have chlorogenic acids as the molecular targets. The work will involve three main stages: i) design and synthesis of functional monomers able to interact with the targets; ii) synthesis and characterisation of polymeric matrices via the molecular imprinting approach; iii) development of sensor platforms based on the imprinted polymers developed in part ii.
The work will be carried out 50% of the time by working with an industrial partner, also part of the IPCOS Network. The initial part of the project will involve some computational studies that will be done at the University of Trieste.
The project will involve synthesis and characterisation of small organic molecules, preparation and characterisation of different polymeric matrices, followed by development of sensing platforms based on optical properties of the imprinted polymers.