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School of Biological and Chemical Sciences

Dr Alex Aziz


Lecturer in Chemistry



CHEM305: Computational Chemistry

CHEM100: Essential Skills for Chemists


Research Interests:

My research utilizes computational chemical methods to investigate and optimize materials for their use in renewable energy applications.

In the field of photovoltaics, I investigate a class of materials known as hybrid-halide perovskite materials. These materials have shown remarkable photo-conversion efficiencies and are simple and cheap to fabricate yet suffer from degradation over short timescales. In this respect I am interested in the investigating the degradation mechanisms using excited state computational techniques such as time dependent density functional theory.

I also have a keen interest in thermoelectric materials, which covert heat directly into electricity. In power stations and other industrial plants, 30-40% of the chemical energy is lost to heat. The efficient recovery of this waste heat energy back to electricity is a remedial way to combat climate change by reducing energy consumption. In this respect we use a variety of computational techniques to investigate the properties of materials of interest.


Take a look at Dr Aziz's Google Scholar for a list of publications