School of Biological and Chemical Sciences

Chemistry and Biochemistry Seminar Series

Seminars take place Fridays, 12.30pm - 1.30pm (unless stated otherwise) in the Fogg Lecture Theatre, Fogg Building.

Seminar coordinator: Dr Christopher Jones


Date Speaker Title
Fri 11 January

Professor Peter Cormack, University of Strathclyde

Synthesis of porous polymers for the selective capture of organic molecules

Fri 18 January (noon)

RSC Surfaces & Interfaces Award Lecture

Professor Paolo Samori, University of Strasbourg

Internet of functions in chemically tailored low-dimensional nanostructures: from high-performance sensors to multiresponsive hybrids

Fri 25 January

Dr Emma Richards, Cardiff University

Low-valent 1st row transition metals: Catalytic activity and unusual magnetic behaviour 

Wed 6 February (G.O Jones Lecture Theatre)

Professor Olivier Baudoin, University of Basel

Ring construction by Pd-catalyzed C-H activation 

Fri 8 February

Dr Martin Smith, University of Oxford

Asymmetric phase transfer catalysis & axial chirality

Fri 15 February

The Wills Lecture

Dr Frank Uhlmann, Francis Crick Institute

From DNA to chromosomes – the role and function of SMC proteins

Fri 22 February 

Dr Daniela Carta, University of Surrey

Antibacterial phosphate-based glasses for biomedical applications 

Wed 27 February 

Dr Sam Zard, École Polytechnique and Dr Eric Talbot, Pharmaron

Reversible Reservoirs for Radicals. New Perspectives for Organic Synthesis and Polymer Chemistry

Fri 15 March (Skeel Lecture Theatre) 

The Drummond Lecture

Dr Richard Henderson (LMB Cambridge)

The increasing power of cryoEM for macromolecular structure determination
Fri 22 March 

Professor Miquel Pericas, ICIQ

Immobilized catalytic systems for asymmetric flow processes

Fri 29 March 

RSC Gibson-Fawcett Award Lecture

Dr Silvia Vignolini, University of Cambridge

Bio-inspired photonics: from nature to applications

Fri 3 May (Arts One Lecture Theatre)

The Dewar Lecture & RSC Award Lecture

Professor Margaret Brimble, University of Auckland

Nature’s Medicine Chest: Opportunities for Synthesis and Drug Discovery