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Molecular Microbial Ecology

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We are working to characterize microorganisms in natural and engineered ecosystems, and to understand their roles in biogeochemical cycling. Our researchers work on terrestrial and aquatic systems, including deep-ocean trenches, chalk streams, and artificial mesocosms. Current topics include the unravelling the importance of microbes in bio-methane production, the decomposition of plastic by bacteria, and the contribution of bacteria to the cycling of carbon and nitrogen in the open oceans.


Researcher Title Department

Research Interests

Eyice-Broadbent, Dr Ozge Lecturer in Molecular Microbial Ecology Biology

Microbial ecology, Biogeochemistry, Ecosystem function, Microbial diversity

Trimmer, Prof Mark Professor of Biogeochemistry Biology

Aquatic ecology, Climate change, Stable isotopes, Ecosystem function, Marine, Biochemistry



Yvon-Durocher G, Hulatt C, Woodward G, Trimmer M (2017). Long-term warming amplifies shifts in the carbon cycle of experimental ponds. Nature Climate Change

Hanson C, Marston M, Martiny J (2016). Biogeographic Variation in Host Range Phenotypes and taxonomic composition of marine cyanophage isolates. Frontiers in Microbiology

Eyice Ö, Namura M, Chen Y, Mead A, Samavedam S, Schäfer H (2015). SIP metagenomics identifies uncultivated methylophilaceae as dimethylsulphide degrading bacteria in soil and lake sediment. The ISME Journal