School of Biological and Chemical Sciences

Invertebrate Neurobiology and Development



Work in this group is concerned with determining the genetic and cellular processes underpinning development, with a particular focus on non-model systems that include echinoderms, annelids and arthropods. We have particular interests in the evolutionary history of neuropeptide signalling systems, the molecular basis of neurogenesis, and spiral cleavage.


Researcher Title Department

Research Interests

Elphick, Prof Maurice

Professor of Physiology and Neuroscience


Physiology, Neuroscience, Evolution, Neuropeptide, Echinoderm, Cannabinoid

Martin-Duran, Dr Chema

Lecturer in Organismal Biology 


Evolution, Developmental biology, Marine biology, Invertebrates

Stollewerk, Dr Angelika

Reader in Evolutionary Developmental Biology


Neurobiology, Evolution, Arthropods, Neurogenesis, Neural precursor identity



Elphick M, Mirabeau O, Larhammar D (2018). Evolution of neuropeptide signalling systems. The Journal of Experimental Biology

Martín-Durán J, Passamaneck Y, Martindale M, Hejnol A (2016). The developmental basis for the recurrent evolution of deuterostomy and protostomy. Nature Ecology & Evolution

Hartenstein V, Stollewerk A (2015). The evolution of early neurogenesis. Developmental Cell