School of Biological and Chemical Sciences

Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) Facility

The Transmission Electron Microscopy facility is dedicated to the ultra-structure analysis of a variety of biological samples. 

In addition, full services are provided for materials science research such as polymers that require sample sectioning.

The Transmission Electron Microscope available is the JEOL JEM 1230 with both digital and film image recording capabilities.

The transmission electron microscope has a maximum accelerating voltage of 120 kV and it is equipped with a Morada CCD camera that runs on iTEM Olimpus software. 

We offer the following services:

  • Resin embedding and ultrathin sectioning for ultrastructure analysis.
  • Immunogold labeling experiments, specific procedure for individual sample.
  • Negative staining for a range of different samples in suspension.
  • Freeze-Fracture replication technique.
  • Ultrathin sectioning of polimers

Additional equipment available includes:

  • Two Reichert-Jung ultra-microtomes
  • LKB KnifeMaker 7800 Glass Knife Maker
  • EasyGlow discharge unit
  • Polaron Freeze Fracture machine

You can view some of these techniques and samples here: TEM Facility Use [PDF 12,910KB]

Service Level Agreement

View the Service Level Agreement -Transmission Electron Microscope Facility [PDF 428KB].


Please contact facility manager Giulia Mastroianni for further information.