School of Biological and Chemical Sciences

Protein purification facility

The protein purification facility at Queen Mary University of London was established in 2009 to provide an extensive range of services to support those using and manipulating proteins in their research.  Find out more about the facility by downloading our Protein production and purification PPT [PDF 1,850KB].

Services and equipment

Our aim is to facilitate all stages of the purification process, from cloning design to the analysis of protein purity.

If you don't have the time to carry out all or some of the stages yourself, we have the expertise and equipment to do it for you.

Currently, the facility is only able to offer recombinant protein production in E. coli though there are plans to expand the facility to incorporate protein production in insect and mammalian cells.

For more information about any of the services on offer, please read our service level agreement [PDF 77KB].



Fermentors allow a high mass of bacterial cells, and hence the protein of interest, to be grown in a relatively small volume.

We have a 5 litre fermentor from New Brunswick, which has constant monitoring of conditions such as pH, oxygen saturation and temperature.

This allows cells to grow to very high density, typically to an OD 600 of greater than 20, in contrast to shaking flasks where the OD 600 generally reaches 2.


Fast Protein Liquid Chromatography (FPLC)

Proteins destined for crystallisation must be homogenous and therefore require high resolution purification. Our ÄKTA FPLC liquid chromatography system is maintained at 4C, allowing reliable, high performance protein purification.

The system is automated yet versatile, with a user-friendly software interface. Its innovative compact design is optimised for accessibility and remote control.

Booking and fees

To use any of the equipment or take advantage of the complete purification service please email for a consultation.

There are a range of charges for using these facilities, depending on your relationship to the school.

You can be charged for a breakdown of the experiments that you carry out and the equipment that you use. Alternatively, you can obtain a quote for a complete job.

To obtain a quote, you will need to fill out an order form [PDF 77KB].