School of Biological and Chemical Sciences

Informatics Resources

Informatics plays a crucial role within all four research divisions of the School of Biological and Chemical Sciences. To support such a wide range of disciplines our informatics resources are continually being invested in and evolved to meet the changing needs of Biologists, Chemists, and Psychologists.  

Contact Adrian Larkeryd to find out more about the computational infrastructure available to researchers in SBCS.

Services and equipment


The School Informatics Officer will help SBCS users exploit the cluster and related resources for their research. SBCS-Informatics also works to get new projects in need of computational support up and running, and by giving advice to researchers on how to plan for their next project. Contact Adrian Larkeryd to find out more about the computational infrastructure available to researchers in SBCS

Cluster Compute Facilities

QMUL have a state of the art HPC facility - the EPSRC funded MidPlus cluster named Apocrita - which is designed to meet the needs of both high-mem/high-CPU compute and the more classic cluster compute models. SBCS have contributed hardware to this facility and have several standalone high memory nodes. There is also a cluster specific installation of Gaussian available. 

  • To get an account on the system please visit the QMUL-HPC page
  • Once you have an account our SBCS-Informatics wiki may help you familiarise yourself with the cluster environment.

Genome Project Sites

The British Ash Tree Genome Project and The Dwarf Birch Genome Project sequenced by the lab of Dr Richard Buggs is publicly available.

BLAST server

SBCS hosts it’s own BLAST server using SequenceServer. This is currently for the use of Queen Mary staff and students only.


SBCS has a Galaxy installation on Apocrita. For further details please contact the Informatics Officer.

Mailing list

To be kept informed on HPC matters like when maintenance and other important events happen, join the HPC-users mailing list.

Contact and further information 

Adrian Larkeryd, the SBCS Informatics Officer, can be found in G.E. Fogg 5.06 or at For research support concerning Apocrita, please email