School of Biological and Chemical Sciences

EPR facility

The Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) facility at Queen Mary University of London offers EPR measurements and spectral interpretation to users within the United Kingdom and overseas. This service is equally intended for academic colleagues as well as industrial partners.

EPR spectroscopy exploits the physical properties of unpaired electrons to give information about the electronic structure of stable and transient radicals, transition metal complexes and optically excited triplet states. It is also used to address electron transfer kinetics and reaction mechanisms. EPR finds broad applicability in both basic and applied research.

The EPR facility is located in London at short distance from the City (Mile End Road, E1 London) and is easily accessible from all over the country.

If you are interested in doing EPR measurements please get in touch with Dr Enrico Salvadori. We are happy to provide consultations and quotations; charges depend on the type of experiment that is required.


  • 9.5/34 GHz spectrometer
  • 95 GHz spectrometer
  • Tuneable OPO laser (410 – 2050 nm) for in situ photo-excitation


  • Continuous wave EPR at all frequencies
  • Pulsed EPR (ESEEM/HYSCORE, PELDOR, ENDOR) at all frequencies
  • Time-resolved EPR at 9.5 and 34 GHz
  • Temperature range:
  • 1.7 – 300 K at 9.5 and 34 GHz
  • 4.2 – 300 K at 94 GHz
  • Spectral simulation softwares:
  • Easyspin
  • Home-written Matlab-based programmes

How to apply

Potential users, either internal or external, should contact Dr Enrico Salvadori to discuss their projects, experimental requirements and costs.

Experiments are scheduled in order to optimise the usage of the Facility spectrometers and resources. Equal priority is given to all customers.

Applications are welcomed at any time.

Accessing data

Staff and students at Queen Mary University of London can download their data using their credentials, using the following link.

External users should liaise with Dr Enrico Salvadori, facility staff.