School of Biological and Chemical Sciences

Confocal microscope facility

The confocal microscope at the School of Biological and Chemical Sciences (SBCS) is a Leica SP5.

Services and equipment

Situated in the Joseph Priestley building, Mile End campus, our confocal microscope is equipped with a number of lasers for probe excitation between 355 nm and 633 nm, including a 355 nm UV-laser.

A steplessly tunable detector system can record any wavelength emitted from the sample and up to five channels may be recorded simultaneously.

Two different scanners are available, a conventional scanner for high quality imaging and a fast resonant scanner for applications such as calcium imaging in living tissue.

Booking and fees

If you are interested in using the confocal microscope, please download the following documents:

Training sessions for first-time users and support for routine imaging using the Leica SP5 are provided by the Department. For further information please contact Michaela Egertova (

Before booking a session please check the booking calendar for availability of the microscope.

There are a range of charges for using these facilities, depending on your relationship to the school.