School of Biological and Chemical Sciences

Analytical laboratory

The School of Biological and Chemical Sciences (SBCS) analytical laboratory is located in room 1.28 of the Joseph Priestley Building at Queen Mary’s Mile End campus.

Services and equipment

For details about any of the services we offer, please download our Analytical Library - Service Level Agreement [PDF 73KB].

Atomic absorption spectrometer

Atomic absorption spectrometer

Equipment: Varian 220FS SpectrAA Atomic Absorption Spectrometer & GTA 110

Measurement of a wide range of trace metals (and some non-metals) using flame and electrothermal atomisation techniques. Automatic multiple element analysis of samples can be programmed using a sample preparation accessory.

Automatic gamma counter

Automatic gamma counter

Equipment:Wallac 1480 Wizard Gamma Counter

Measurement of gamma emitting radionuclides using a 3 inch NaI well detector. The counter has a large sample capacity (max. of 1000 x 13mm tubes) and has an optimised counting library for over 30 isotopes. It is particularly useful for radioimmunoassay, e.g. with 125I.

Gamma spectrometer

Gamma spectrometer

Equipment: Canberra Gamma Spectrometer with a broad energy range germanium detector, cooled with liquid nitrogen, and Genie 2000 software

Measurement of environmental radionuclides such as Cs-137 and Pb-210.

GC mass spectrometer

Gas Chromatography mass spectrometer

Equipment: Agilent GC-MS, comprising a 6890 GC and 5973 MSD

Separation and identification of volatile, thermally stable molecules and molecules that can be derivatised to reduce their polarity.

The mass selective detector (MSD) can use either electron ionisation or chemical ionisation (positive and negative modes) and has a mass range of 1.6 - 800.0 amu.

The GC has a split/splitless inlet and also an Electron Capture Detector. The system also features a 100 sample AutoSampler and Automatic Injector.


High Performance Liquid Chromatography

Equipment: Agilent LC, comprising a 1100 Series LC with quaternary pump, temperature controlled autosampler, column thermostat, diode array detector (DAD) and fluorescence detector

Separation, identification and quantification of polar and non-polar molecules using spectral analysis (DAD) and sensitive detection of fluorescent molecules.

LC mass spectrometer

Liquid Chromatography mass spectrometer

Equipment: Agilent LC-MS, comprising a 1100 Series LC and SL Ion Trap MSD

Separation, identification and quantification of polar and non-polar molecules; particularly useful for large molecules, eg proteins, and for temperature sensitive compounds.

The LC has a quaternary pump, temperature controlled autosampler, a column thermostat and diode array detector. The MSD has ESI, APCI and Nanospray sources, has a standard mass range of 15 - 2200 amu ( extended range 200 - 4000 amu) and a syringe pump for direct infusion into the MSD or to perform Flow Injection Analysis.

Liquid scintillation counter

Liquid scintillation counter

Equipment: Wallac 1414 WinSpectral Liquid Scintillation Counter

Measurement of beta emitting radiolabelled molecules with capacity for up to 1248 x 4 ml vials.

The counter uses digital spectrum analysis (DSA), the digital overlay technique and spectrum libraries to enable dpm counting without the need for quench curve measurements.

The DSA feature allows the counter to determine automatically which isotope is present from a selection of three ( H-3, C-14 and 1 other).

Booking and fees

There are a range of charges for using these facilities, depending on your relationship to the school. To learn more about fees and booking arrangements, please contact Analytical Faculties Services Manager Dr Roberto Buccafusca at: