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QMUL-Leverhulme Trust Doctoral Scholarships

Leverhulme Trust

The QMUL-Leverhulme Trust Doctoral Scholarships (QMUL-LTDS) programme provides 21 new, fully-funded PhD research projects, which will run from 2018 to 2023. The projects are open to prospective researchers who are interested in the theme of ‘mobile people: mobility as a way of life’.

QMUL-LTDS is a research training programme that draws strength from both the interdisciplinary approaches of QMUL in social sciences and humanities and its extraordinary location in London’s East End as a historical hub of peoples, languages, and cultures from around the world. QMUL-LTDS projects will address the transformative effects of mobile people on the social and political institutions they inhabit and construct. How mobile people are creating new worlds, not solely as host versus guest, mobile versus immobile relations, but in ways which fundamentally challenge social and political institutions of citizenship, democracy, nationality and security is the innovative focus of this programme.

Further information on the programme and thematic priorities can be found on the QMUL-LTDS webpage.


As QMUL-LTDS is an interdisciplinary programme, you are encouraged to identify two potential supervisors from two different schools (disciplines) including the Schools of Politics and International Relations (IR), Business and Management, Economics and Finance, Languages, Linguistics and Film, Geography, Psychology (SBCS), History, and Law.

Applications should be made online and should by submitted 31st January 2020.

Please note: when applying, you will need to specifically address the following questions in your research proposal:

  • Outline the research questions in reference to QMUL-LTDS research framework, and theories, methods, and data relevant to the research question. Applicants are required to identify a thematic area that their proposed research roughly corresponds and an institutional dimension to which it speaks;
  • Indicate two potential supervisors from two different Schools (disciplines). Applicants are encouraged to contact their potential supervisors in advance of making a formal application.
  • Mention in your proposal, personal statement and online application form in the 'Funding' section that you are applying for funding under QMUL-LTDS.

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