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School of Biological and Chemical Sciences

Social dynamic decision making

Supervisor: Dr Magda Osman

Project description

The project is based in a psychology department. The key objective of this project is to examine the following two questions: How does an individual's mental model (internal vs. external locus of control of a dynamic environment) effect performance at a group level? Can changing the mental model of the individual (i.e. increase perceptions of internal locus of control of a dynamic environment) increase performance at a group level?

The key innovation of this project is to build on a body of work that has already made advances on understanding decision making in dynamic environments in the DLDM lab (Dynamic Learning and Decision Making lab) at QMUL headed by Dr Osman. In addition, the project will utilize expertise from the management domain, in particular work in risk management in connection with Colleagues in Management (London, German, Denmark, New Zealand). The project will adapt the paradigms developed thus far to address the theoretical and empirical questions concerning the interaction of agents in complex contexts.

There are several opportunities to carry out work in applied domains (e.g. medical, financial, forensic).

Eligibility and applying

International students must provide evidence of proficient English language skills. See our entry requirements page for further information.

Potential candidates should contact Dr Osman by e-mail ( and submit their CV and a cover letter explaining their eligibility and interest in this project.

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