School of Biological and Chemical Sciences

Biomarkers of Subjective Vitality

Primary supervisor: Dr Janelle Jones

Secondary supervisor: Dr Michael Pluess

Project description

Subjective Vitality, “a state of feeling alive and alert” (Ryan & Deci, 2001) is an important aspect of eudaimonic well-being. However, its precise contribution to psychological and physical health and well-being is not well understood. The aim of the current project is to examine how subjective vitality might be implicated in these outcomes, with a particular focus on identifying biomarkers of vitality. Using existing data from large-scale longitudinal studies (i.e., secondary data analysis), this project will examine the (bi-)directional relationship(s) between subjective vitality, biomarkers measured in the blood (e.g., C-reactive protein) and various psychological and physical health well-being indicators (e.g., emotionality, lung function).

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Eligibility and applying

Please refer to the entry requirements page for general information. Given the focus on secondary data analysis, this PhD project requires advanced skills in data management, computer based data analysis, and pronounced ability and motivation to acquire new data analysis skills. Furthermore, this project requires excellent scientific writing skills and the ability to work independently.

Applicants must send a cover letter to Dr Jones outlining their suitability for the project. Applicants should also include a statement of motivation and CV, which should include the contact details of at least two academic referees, before submitting an application.

Contact/query instructions: Dr Janelle Jones; Dr Michael Pluess

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