School of Biological and Chemical Sciences

Postgraduate research studentships

The School of Biological and Chemical Sciences offer postgraduate research studentships to support PhD students each year.

The postgraduate research studentships listed on this page are typically to start in late September and provide funding for up to 3 years of PhD study, covering tuition fees and a maintenance stipend, normally at the Research Councils UK rate. This list includes our QMUL Principal’s Postgraduate Research Studentships. Some of the funding available is limited to UK/EU students.




Methods and policy pathways to optimize production of multiple interacting fish stocks

Dr Axel Rossberg


Alan Turing Institute Doctoral Studentships

Eligible supervisors:

Prof Conrad Bessant,
Dr Magda Osman,
Dr Elisabetta Versace,
Dr Yannick Wurm


Do bees feel pain?

Prof Lars Chittka


Conservation genomics of Sulawesi vertebrates

Dr Laurent Frantz


Dissecting the role of DNA methylation in spiral cleavage

Dr Chema Martin


Expressing the key photoprotective protein of diatom algae, LHCX1, in higher plants

Prof Alexander Ruban


Is it an error or an innovation? Finding the boundaries between errors and innovations through an integrated neuroscientific and computational approach

Dr Caroline Di Bernardi Luft


Mechanistic models for phosphorescent organic crystals

Dr Rachel Crespo-Otero


Nanoscale bioelectronics for point-of-care diagnostics and wearable devices

Dr Christian Nielsen


Shaping the new generation of nanomaterials: how to get control on matter at the nanoscale

Dr Cristina Giordano


Targeting myosin for heart disease: a structure-based approach to design conformation-selective modulators

Dr Arianna Fornili


To determine if global N and P availability explains why most plant genomes are small, despite a huge range in angiosperm genome sizes

Prof Andrew Leitch


Unravelling the genomic basis of bacterial symbiosis in deep-sea annelid worms

Dr Chema Martin


QMUL-China Scholarship Council Joint PhD Scholarships



Structural studies of the molecular systems that maintain and spread antibiotic resistance in bacteria by single particle cryo-electron microscopy

Dr Aravindan Ilangovan


We also are a member of and accept students via the following Doctoral Training Partnerships which offer a number of research studentships each year.

Other sources of funding for PhD studies

See our fees and funding page for information on other sources of funding for PhD studies.

Applications from candidates intending to self-fund their PhD are also accepted – please visit our self-funding students page for relevant information.