School of Biological and Chemical Sciences

Self-funding students

We accept applications from candidates intending to self-fund their PhD. If you are applying for a self-funded PhD, you must ensure that you have a realistic plan to cover costs for the full duration of the research and writing-up process. This is usually three to four years for full-time programmes, and six to seven years for part-time programmes.

There are two main costs for postgraduate students: fees and living expenses. Tuition fees for postgraduate research degrees can be found at the following webpage:

The cost of living in London will depend on your lifestyle but, typically, postgraduates need at least £12,000 to cover food, accommodation, travel, books for a full year (i.e. 52 weeks). Our Advice and Counselling Service have produced a detailed online funding guide for postgraduate students.

UK or EU nationals may also apply for a doctoral loan to contribute towards the costs of the PhD.

Self-funding applicants should follow the guidelines outlined in our usual application process to identify a potential supervisor and secure their agreement to consider your application further before formally applying online.