International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry

Corrections to Nomenclature of Inorganic Chemistry: IUPAC Recommendations 2005,
Royal Society of Chemistry, 2005.
Edited by N G Connelly and T Damhus (with R M Hartshorn and A T Hutton) [ISBN 0-85404-438-8].

Also available in PDF format (4.13 MBt).

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IR-, p. 21, Ex. 12: 6.7 not 66.7.

IR-5.4.1, p. 76, Ex. 5: Change second name to pentapotassium diantimonide cupride.

IR-, p. 93, item (i): delete comma.

IR-8.4, p. 135, Ex. 1: add hyphen so it reads '...-oxido-bis(trioxido...'.

IR-8.4, p. 135, Ex. 2: add hyphen so it reads '...tetrahydroxido-di-...'.

IR-8.6, pp. 139-140: change 'functional replacement' to 'functional replacement or functional class' in the first line of the top text for Table IR-8.2 and in the headers on p. 139 and 140 for the third column in that table.

IR-, p. 158, Ex. 7: bond missing between CH2-C=O and O
and between isolated O2CCH2 and adjacent N.

IR-, p. 158, Ex 8: N missing after κ (twice), i.e. second name should read:

IR- p. 166, Ex. 4: remove spaces after -ate and between, Al2) (Al1... i.e. name should read:

IR-, p. 182, Ex. 1: Change second OC-6-12 to OC-6-22.

IR-, p. 224, Ex. 30: change to ...2-en-1-yl... i.e. add hyphen - name should read:


IR-, p. 225, Ex 31, second name: delete ')' after...-1,5-diene, i.e. name should read:

IR-11.9, p. 247, Ref 8: comma not dot after Anderson.

Table III

p. 257, under 'ylene', delete the parnthesis around '1,2-phenylene for benzene-1,2-diyl etc.'.
Table VII

p. 263, Entry 77: delete parentheses in name so that it reads '2-aminoethan-1-olato'.

p. 264, Entry 94: the systematic name should read 1,1,1,5,5,5-hexafluoro-2,4-dioxopentan-3-ido.

p. 267: line missing after example 181.

Table IX

p. 282: AsH col 3: (2+) not (1+).

p. 290: CHO change methanoyl, to methanoyl;

p. 291: CN2: entry should be after CNSe (on p. 292).

p. 294: ClF col 2: change sequence of names: chlorine monofluoride and fluoridochlorine (as in other examples).

p. 295: Cl2 columns 3-5 the radical dots shown with the formulae are optional.

p. 297: F2 column 3 and 4 radical dots missing from formulae but optional.

p. 299: HCl column 3 radical dot missing from formula but optional.

p. 299: HF column 3 radical dot missing from formula but optional.

p. 300: HNO3 dioxidanidooxidonitrogen, to dioxidanidooxidonitrogen;

p. 305: H2NO col 5: Sequence in formula should be same as in col 4.

p. 306: H2O2 col 3: plus sign is not superscript in .1+).

p. 309: H3OS move contents of col 2 to col 3.

p. 309: H3Se col 3: Se in formula, not S.

p. 311: I col 4: in name minus sign is not superscript.

p. 313: MnO4 col 4: tetraoxidomanganate(1–), to tetraoxidomanganate(1–);
tetraoxidomanganate(2–), to tetraoxidomanganate(2–);
tetraoxidomanganate(3–), to tetraoxidomanganate(3–);
col 5: tetraoxidomanganato(1–), to tetraoxidomanganato(1–);
tetraoxidomanganato(2–), to tetraoxidomanganato(2–);
tetraoxidomanganato(3–), to tetraoxidomanganato(3–);

p. 313: Mu col 4: 2 is subscript not superscript.

p. 332: Si columns 3-5 radical dots missing from formulae but optional.

p. 333: SiO3: in the fourth column, the last '(1-)' must be '(2-)'.

Table X

p. 339: in footnote a, correct to 'heteroatomic'.

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