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Accepted name: 7-deoxyloganin 7-hydroxylase

Reaction: 7-deoxyloganin + [reduced NADPH—hemoprotein reductase] + O2 = loganin + [oxidized NADPH—hemoprotein reductase] + H2O

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Systematic name: 7-deoxyloganin,[reduced NADPH—hemoprotein reductase]:oxygen oxidoreductase (7α-hydroxylating)

Comments: A cytochrome P-450 (heme-thiolate) protein found in plants.

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1. Katano, N., Yamamoto, H., Iio, R. and Inoue, K. 7-Deoxyloganin 7-hydroxylase in Lonicera japonica cell cultures. Phytochemistry 58 (2001) 53-58. [PMID: 11524113]

[EC created 2002 as EC, transferred 2018 to EC]

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