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Accepted name: D-2-hydroxyglutarate dehydrogenase

Reaction: (R)-2-hydroxyglutarate + acceptor = 2-oxoglutarate + reduced acceptor

Other name(s): AtD-2HGDH

Systematic name: (R)-2-hydroxyglutarate:acceptor 2-oxidoreductase

Comments: The enzyme, which has been characterized from the plant Arabidopsis thaliana, is highly specific for (R)-2-hydroxyglutarate. It has low activity with (R)-lactate, (R)-2-hydroxybutyrate and meso-tartrate, and no activity with the (S) isomers.

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1. Engqvist, M., Drincovich, M.F., Flugge, U.I. and Maurino, V.G. Two D-2-hydroxy-acid dehydrogenases in Arabidopsis thaliana with catalytic capacities to participate in the last reactions of the methylglyoxal and β-oxidation pathways. J. Biol. Chem. 284 (2009) 25026-25037. [PMID: 19586914]

[EC created 2013]

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