School of Biological and Chemical Sciences

Seminar series - Why can termite queens live so long?

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Dr Judith Korb, University of Freiburg

27 September 2018

Time: 1:00 - 2:00pm
Speaker: Dr Judith Korb, University of Freiburg
Venue: Fogg Lecture Theatre, G.E Fogg Building

The first Organismal Biology and Biological and Experimental Psychology seminar of the 2018/19 academic year will see Dr Judith Korb of University of Freiburg deliver a talk titled 'Why can termite queens live so long?'.

Dr Judith Korb from the University of Freiburg specialises in Evolutionary Biology with research interests including evolution of cooperation, social insects, termites, tropical ecology and social systems.

Dr Korb's lab focuses on evolutionary and ecological questions, especially at the interface between both fields. The phenotype of organisms is the outcome of gene-by-environment interactions and ecosystems are the result of organism-by-environment interactions. Despite this clear linkage, both disciplines developed largely independently and there is little cross-talk when it comes to ideas and concepts. Dr Korb's lab aims to link both disciplines.

This seminar is open to all.