School of Biological and Chemical Sciences

SBCS Thursday Seminar - Dr Luisa Orsini

28 November 2019

Time: 1:00 - 2:00pm
Speaker: Dr Luisa Orsini, University of Birmingham
Venue: Fogg Lecture Theatre, G.G Fogg Building

In this SBCS Thursday seminar, Dr Luisa Orsini of University of Birmingham will deliver a talk on evolutionary responses to climate change.

Dr Luisa Orsini is a Senior Lecturer in Biosystems and Environmental Change at the University of Birmingham, and a time traveller. She studies the processes and mechanisms of evolutionary response to climate and other environmental factors with relevance to climate – pollution, anthropogenic land-use. To reconstruct long-term dynamics she applies high throughput technologies to sedimentary archives of inland waters, which have the unique advantage of preserving biological and environmental signals temporally. Moreover, she applies high throughput technologies to ‘resurrected’ specimens of the keystone species Daphnia magna (waterflea) to identify the molecular mechanisms that enable evolutionary changes through time and space. Dr Orsini strongly believes in bridging the science/policy divide. To this end, she works on biotechnology solutions for the removal of pharmaceuticals, pesticides and other suspended materials from wastewater and surface water.

This seminar is open to all and free to attend, no registration required.