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School of Biological and Behavioural Sciences

Doko-Miles Jackson Thorburn

Doko-Miles Jackson

PhD student



Project title: Evaluating species' adaptive potential - from genes to fitness

Summary: Understanding the evolutionary processes that allow an organism to respond to heterogeneous environments has been a central goal for evolutionary biologists. Balancing selection and parasite-mediated selection are such core processes. Using the three-spined stickleback model system, I aim to investigate aspects of the stickleback‚Äôs exceptional adaptive potential. Firstly, I will investigate how parasites affect trophic niche specialisation, and its influence on intra- and inter-specific interactions. On a broader scale, I aim to comprehensively detect signatures of balancing selection across the stickleback genome. Finally, I examine the significance of using a local versus a foreign reference genome in conventional population genomic studies.