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School of Biological and Behavioural Sciences

David Dang


PhD student



Project title: Computational tools to measure, model and modulate Human Spindle Movements

Summary: Accurate positioning of mitotic spindles is important for proper cell division and tissue development. While it is known that dynein generates pull forces that are needed for spindle rotation, it remains unclear how the center of rotation is governed in human cells. To investigate spindle movement through time and space, a sophisticated computational analyzing regime is required to fully explore the pattern embedded in live-cell time lapse images.

With a background in Statistics and Computer Sciences, I am developing the spinX Software using state-of-the art technologies in Machine Learning to precisely predict the position of the the spindle.

You can find more about me and the project on my homepage (homepage link:

This LIDo project is co-supervised by Professor Viji Draviam (@Draviam lab - homepage link:  and Dr Nishanth Sastry (@Sastry Lab - homepage link:



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