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School of Biological and Behavioural Sciences

Carey Metheringham

PhD student



Project title: Combining within- and between-species comparisons to identify loci of resistance to ash dieback 

Summary: The project aims to identify loci associated with resistance to Chalara dieback of ash, using genomic prediction, analysis of copy number variation, and phylogenetic methods looking at multiple Fraxinus species. The first aim is examination of copy number variation within and between ash species, in particular in multigene families. The second key aim is to develop a model for genomic prediction that uses pool-seq data as the training set, accounting for the the effects of within pool variation, using information from between species analysis to influence priors. The end goal is to combine information gained from within species studies, such as GWAS and genomic prediction, with between species methods, such as phylogenetic incongruence and examination of copy number variation, in order to identify loci of resistance and aid in breeding



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