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School of Biological and Behavioural Sciences

Protein Purification Facility - Equipment

Shaking incubators

Shaking incubators

At Mile End we can grow up to >30 x 2L flasks at any one time, at 4 different temperatures.

At the Blizard we can grow up to 16 x 2L flasks at any one time, at 2 different temperatures.

Training and booking is supported by Dr. Petra Ungerer -

Cell lysis and disruption



The vibraphonics ultrasonic processor is perfect for lysing smaller volumes of cells.

We have two probes allowing effective lysis of samples for 1ml-200ml. Access is granted by the facility.


LM20 Microfluidizer®


The LM20 allows complete lysis of samples from 10 ml-1L. Our model operates pressures up to 30,000 psi (2068 bar) allowing the lysis of cells that are typically more difficult to disrupt such as yeast and diatoms. The cooling system and high pressure facilitates extremely efficient lysis with minimum impact on the proteins of interest.


We’re so happy with this piece of kit Analytik filmed us using it.

Training and booking is supported by Dr. Petra Ungerer -

Cell separation

Various centrifuges

At SBBS, we have 2 standard high speed Beckman centrifuges (Avanti 30i) and an ultracentrifuge (Beckman Optima L-80XP) with rotors capable of separating the following:

CentrifugeRotorMax rcfTubes/Volume
Avanti 30i JLA 9.1000 16,000 4 x 1L
Avanti 30i JA 30.50 108,860 8 x 50 mL
Optima L-80XP 90Ti 694,000 8 x 13.5 mL
Optima L-80XP SW41 288,000 16 x 13.2mL

Training and booking is supported by Dr. Petra Ungerer -

Protein purification


Proteins are involved in a wide variety of processes. Depending on your requirements, we have a wide variety of technologies and skills that will allow you to obtain protein suitable for your needs.

We have expertise in the purification of antibodies for western blotting and proteins destined for crystallisation, where a highly homogenous sample is required.

AKTA purifier

We have a wide variety of equipment and expertise in the purification of proteins. To facilitate this we have 3 AKTA systems, one maintained at 4C allowing flexibility and reliable, high performance protein purification.

Training is compulsory and managed by Dr Ruth Rose -

Gel electrophoresis

Horizontal electrophoresis, vertical electrophoresis for SDS-PAGE, Trans blot Turbo for western blotting

The facility has a number of systems suitable for agarose gel electrophoresis, horizontal gel electrophoresis (agarose gel separation of proteins) and vertical gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE and native-PAGE). The facility also has western blotting equipment allowing for 3 minute transfer using the TransBlot Turbo (Bio-Rad) as well as the more traditional wet transfer. Please contact Dr Ruth Rose -

Imaging of gels is performed using a Bio-Rad ChemiDoc™ Imaging System (for chemiluminescence, Coomassie, DNA gel) or a Li-Cor Odyssey (IR-antibodies).

Training and booking is supported by Dr. Petra Ungerer -

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