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School of Biological and Behavioural Sciences

NMR facility

High field liquid phase and solid state NMR

NMR 600

Queen Mary’s high field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) service is equipped with a Bruker AV600 spectrometer featuring:

Four channels


An automatic sample changer with capacity for up to 60 samples

Variable temperature control from -80oC to 90oC

Solution state probes:

  • 5mm inverse/BB autotuning probe with Z-gradient
  • 5mm H/C/N inverse triple resonance probe
  • 5mm 1H/19F dual
  • 5mm BB 28 - 242 MHz (109Ag - 31P)
  • 8mm 13C/1H dual
  • 10mm BB 10 - 51 MHz (191Ir - 169Tm)

Solid state capability with the following probes:

  • 2.5mm CP/MAS BB 61 - 242 MHz (15N - 31P) and 19F
  • 4mm MAS BB 92 - 242 MHz (2H - 31P)
  • 4mm CP/MAS BB 61 - 242 MHz (15N - 31P)
  • 7mm CP/MAS BB 28 - 61 MHz (39K - 15N)

Software available for processing and analysing NMR data, including:

  • TopSpin – Bruker's standard acquisition and processing suite
  • Aurelia – for analysis of 2-4D NMR datasets
  • Amix - for a wide variety of applications, such as metabolomics, small molecules research and mixture analysis

Medium field liquid phase and solid state NMR

NMR 400

The departmental Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) service has two Bruker 400 MHz spectrometers (Avance and Avance III). We also offer an external high-resolution (solution-state) NMR service. Solid-state NMR can also be provided by special request.

Services and equipment

One has an Avance III HD console (the "HD 400") and one has an Avance III console (the "AV3 400"). They are both equipped with 60 position automatic sample changers and auto-tuning multinuclear (BBO) probes. The AV3 400 also has 19F capability. They operate a 24/7 walk-up service in which users run their own samples using Bruker's IconNMR software.

Advice on experiment selection and data interpretation is also available. Please refer to our NMR Facility Service Level Agreement [PDF 58KB].

Find out more, including how to book the service, on the NMR server website.

Booking and fees

There are a range of charges for using these facilities, depending on your relationship to the school.

Charges for Queen Mary staff

600 MHz = £22 per hour

400 MHz = £16 per hour

Charges for external users

600 MHz = £100 per hour is charged for spectra run between 09:00 and 17:00 (Monday – Friday), £40 per hour for overnight and weekend acquisitions

400 MHz = £40 per hour


To find out more about this service, contact our NMR Facility Manager Dr Harold Toms.

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