ARQ - Advanced Robotics at Queen Mary

Former lab members

Former Postdoctoral Research Assistants


Mr Giuseppe Cotugno

Alumi Researcher with SEMS
Grasping, Approaching, Grasp Affordances, Learning from Demosntrations.

Mr Ali Shiva

Researcher with  , SEMS
Robotics, Dynamics, Multibody Dynamics, Control Engineering, Morphological Computation.

Dr Agostino Stilli

Alumi Researcher with SEMS
Soft and bioinspired robotics.

Dr Jelizaveta Konstantinova

Researcher with SEMS
Interactive Tactile Perception, Tactile Sensing, Medical Robotics, Biologically Inspired Methods, Behaviour-based Control, Learning from Tactile Demonstrations.

Former PhD Students

Dr Ololade Obadina

  • e-mail:
  • supervisor: Dr Hasan Shaheed
  • school: SEMS
  • topic: Modelling and control of master-slave robotic manipulator for medical applications