Residential Services and Support


Welcome to QMResLife

The ultimate wellbeing companion for QM students.

QMResLife provides relevant tips, practical advice and coping strategies sent straight to your phone.

What is QMResLife?

QMResLife is your essential companion for QM students, here to help you make the most of your first year at Queen Mary University of London.

QMResLife sends you expert, confidential advice, straight to your phone.

To find out more information about QMResLife, please visit our Facebook page

Why do I need QMResLife?

There is a lot to take in when you start university. New course, new friends, new home.

QMResLife breaks things down for you and makes things easier.

For a list of all the things QMResLife can help you with, see our Facebook Page

QMResLife is free of charge and available to all new students starting at QMUL in September 2019.

How does QMResLife work?

 QMResLife uses Facebook Messenger to send you weekly tips and support.

Hate spam? So does QMResLife.

We only send you the information you need and keep it short, sweet and useful.

QMResLife has even worked out a way to send you that info at a time when it’s most relevant.

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