Residential Services and Support

Residential Support

In everything we do, our ultimate purpose is to promote student wellbeing

Coming to university can be both exciting and challenging. We hope to help you make the transition process as smooth as possible when settling into your halls.

Residential Support staff aim to provide support for the well-being of students living in halls, encouraging a spirit of community and cooperation that supports success in students’ personal and academic lives. Please view the videos below and to the right to find out more.

Supporting students is about encouraging them to make decisions for themselves by providing a reliable support and guidance service to those who need it. Student well-being is vitally important to us and we want our students to be equipped with all the skills, knowledge and experience they need to lead fulfilling careers and personal lives.

Creating a stimulating and supportive environment helps our students to thrive in every way. The service we provide coordinates a range of pastoral services, including an agreed approach to the management of behaviour in communal accommodation.

We wish all our residents a happy and fulfilling time here in QMUL Halls. Residences Reception is open 24 hours per day and we always value your feedback and comments, particularly on how we may improve the service we provide to you.

See also videos of Student Support Services.