Residential Services and Support


1. When can I collect my keys and move in?

Anytime on, or after, the commencement date of your .


2. How do I pay my residential fees?

Information can be found here.


3. If I pay all my residential fees in advance, am I entitled to a reduction?

No. That discount is only applicable to your tuition fees.


4. If I move into Halls and don't like my room can I change it?

Housing Services operates a Room Transfer scheme. Applications are accepted from the beginning of October. However, this is subject to availability and the payment of a £30 transfer fee.


5. If I want to move out of Halls completely, can I leave without any obligation?

Please refer to our  page which will inform you of your contractual obligations.


6. Is bed linen supplied?

No, however you can purchase these items from QMUL online shop. If you decide to bring your own bed linen, the approximate bed size is 90cm x 190cm (3'0" x 6'3").


7. Can I smoke in my room?

All Queen Mary College campuses are non-smoking. Residents and their guests are not permitted to smoke in any part of the halls or campus.


8. Does my room get cleaned?

No, however regular weekly cleaning service is provided for all communal kitchens, communal bathrooms and shared access areas within the halls. Waste and recycling will be removed from kitchens and bathrooms daily, Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays and University closure days). AP: Kitchens will be checked and graded weekly, using a traffic light system according to the planned schedule and agreed standards which are displayed in each kitchen


9. Will my room have Internet connection?

Yes, there is Wi-Fi in all halls of residence, to find out how to set up your connection please see the IT Services website.


10. Are there any parking facilities for residents on-campus?

No, there are no parking facilities available to students living in the Queen Mary Mile End or Whitechapel campus residences. However, as a resident of Tower Hamlets you can apply for a local authority parking permit to park in the streets nearby. At Charterhouse Square campus there is no parking available in the grounds. There are a limited number of pay and display meters in the surrounding streets only.


11. Is there a curfew?

No. You are free to come and go as you please.

12. Can my guests stay with me in halls?

Yes. However this is limited to one overnight guest for a maximum of 2 nights, on one occasion per calendar month. Guests must be 18 years of age or older. Extended periods of stay may result in you being given Notice to Quit your room. Remember, you are responsible for your guests and their behaviour.


13. Is there a phone in my room?


14. Are pets allowed in Halls of Residence?

Under no circumstances are pets to be kept in bedrooms or any other part of the residence. Guide dogs and hearing dogs are permitted by prior agreement. Only assistance animals that are trained by a body registered with Assistance Dogs (UK)


15. Can I stay in halls over the Christmas and Easter vacations?

Yes, your licence agreement includes the Christmas and Easter vacations.


16. Can I stay in halls over the summer vacation?

Residents requiring accommodation during the summer vacation period will be required to complete an application via Housing Services. Students, who have lived in halls during the academic year and whose courses run on until September, will be contacted directly by Housing Services in March. Priority for summer accommodation goes to applicants who require it for academic purposes. Places will be allocated subject to availability, and a satisfactory payment and disciplinary record. There are no guarantees regarding the style or location of accommodation. Current residents may be required to move residences due to planned refurbishment / change in use of residences.

17. When will I get my deposit back?

You are required to pay a deposit as an integral part of the acceptance process to book your room in halls. The deposit is non-refundable, the payment is reserved and credited against your final instalment of residential fees (minus any deductions or charges). All or part of the deposit may be retained by QMUL as a contribution towards any loss or costs suffered by QMUL, as a result of a cancellation made outside of the licence cancellation period.

All loss/damage charges will be charged via your residential account and an invoice will be sent to inform you of this charge by email, where you will be required to pay this amount immediately. A list of standard charges can be found in the Residents' Handbook.

18. Can I re-apply for Halls next year?

Returning students no longer have any priority, unless they have extenuating circumstances (supported by the University's Disability and Dyslexia Service or the Estates and Facilities Review Panel). Priority goes to new applicants coming to study at QMUL for the first time. However you will be able to submit an application where you will be placed on a wait list for vacancies that may occur mid-term. Please refer to the current .


19. Where can I get help to find accommodation outside College?

Housing Services can provide comprehensive guidance to assist you in your search with looking for .


20. If I have a problem outside of Office hours what do I do?

Please contact the , France House.