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Residential Services and Support

Cleaning in halls

Cleaning in halls is provided by the Residential Cleaning team. A regular weekly cleaning service is provided for all communal kitchens, communal bathrooms and shared access areas within the halls. 

Waste and recycling will be removed from kitchens and bathrooms daily, Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays and University closure days).

Aspire Point: Kitchens will be checked and graded weekly, using a traffic light system according to the planned schedule and agreed standards which are displayed in each kitchen. Failure to meet the agreed standards will result in cleaning charges being applied, pro-rata, for the time taken to bring the kitchen to an acceptable standard. Residents are responsible for removal of all waste and recycling to the appropriate bin storage area.

Residents in the Varden Street flats are responsible for the cleaning of all internal areas of these premises, including the removal of waste and recycling.

Cleaning Services responsibilities

  • Areas will be cleaned according to the planned schedule and agreed standards which is displayed in each kitchen.

  • Removal of waste for disposal and recycling.

Resident responsibilities

  • Residents must ensure there are no obstructions or hazards that might affect the cleaning process. This includes removing personal possessions from floors and surfaces on the dedicated weekly cleaning day. To ensure residents safety, access to communal kitchens, bathroom and corridors may be restricted to enable cleaning to take place for up to 60 minutes each week.

  • Cleaning and maintaining your own bedroom and en-suite bathroom if you have one.
  • Residents are responsible for keeping their accommodation in a safe, clean and presentable condition at all times. Additional charges will be applied to residents and/or flats where additional cleaning is required during your licence agreement.

  • At the end of the licence agreement residents must remove all personal items and carry out a thorough clean of their bedrooms and kitchens. Rooms that are not cleaned at the end of the licence agreement will be charged the cost for cleaning/rubbish removal.

  • Due to COVID-19 for 2020-21 new bathroom and kitchen cleaning guidelines are in place.

Any concerns about cleaning in halls should be made to: or in the case of Aspire Point to

If you notice any spillages,  or an issue that requires urgent attention in a communal area, please report this immediately to: