Specificity: Human, Mouse and Pig; Applications: IHC IF IP WB

Description and applications

Mouse antibody against  Human, Mouse and Pig Keratin 14 (Subclass: IgG3)

Keratin 14, a type 1 intermediate filament protein, is one of the two keratins which distinguish stratifying epithelial cell types from simple epithelial cell types. This protein can be detected in intermediate filaments and stratified squamous epithelial cells; in the basal (myoepithelial) cells of glandular epithelia and all cells of keratinocyte lineage, including tumours. LL001 therefore characterises stratifying/keratinocyte cell types.

Applications:  IHC IF IP WB

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Antibody, Keratin 14, epithelium, tissue regeneration, keratinocyte

Prof Irene Leigh

Previously at Blizard Institute

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