Specificity: Human; Applications: IHC ELISA WB

Description and applications

1-  Mouse antibody against Human Keratin 6 (Subclass: IgG1 kappa)

Keratins are a family of intermediate filament proteins that assemble into filaments through forming heterodimers of one type I keratin (keratin 9 to 23) and on type II kerating (1 to 8). Keratins demonstrate tissue and differentiation specific expression profiles. Keratins 6,16 and 17 are expressed in suprabasasl keratinocytes of wounded epidermis. Keratin 6 is found in acrosyringeal keratinocyes in normal skin. LHK6 is a very good marker for hyperproliferative keratinocytes.     

Applications:  IHC ELISA WB

Commercially available at Leica Microsystems


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Antibody, Keratin 6, epithelium, tissue differentiation, keratinocyte

Prof Irene Leigh

Previously at Blizard Institute

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