Specificity: Human; Applications: FACS IHC IP WB

Description and applications

Mouse antibody against Integrin alpha 4 (VLA-4; CD49d) (Subclass: IgG1)

Integrins are heterodimeric cell surface receptors composed of alpha and beta subunits, which mediate cell-cell and cell-extracellular matrix attachments. Aberrant integrin expression has been found in many epithelial tumours. Changes in integrin expression have been shown to be important for the growth and early metastatic capacity of melanoma cells. Integrin alpha 4 Combines with beta-1 integrin to form the Integrin alpha4/beta1 lymphocyte homing receptor: Very Late Antigen 4 (VLA-4). VLA-4 plays a major role in lymphocyte extravasation, via binding to VCAM on endothelial cells. VLA-4 also binds fibronectin and mediates homotypic and heterotypic cell-cell adhesion between lymphocytes.

Applications:  FACS IHC IP WB

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Integrin alpha 4, extracellular matrix attachment, cell-cell adhesion, antibody, CD49d

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