Cell line

Human melanoma cell line A375P expressing cDNA for human integrin beta 6

Description and applications

The human melanoma cell line A375P was infected with pBabe retroviruses encoding puromycin resistance or, in addition, cDNA for human integrin beta 6. Cells were selected in puromycin (1.25 ug/mL) followed by magnetic bead sorting, using 10D5 (mouse anti-avh6; Chemicon International), according to the manufacturer’s instructions (Dynal; Invitrogen). The αvβ6 expression can drift so recipients must check by flow cytometery after they have been in continuous passage, at least once a month. Use the magnetic beads above to re-select when this happens.

Useful model for studying the function and activity of beta 6 integrin when used as a matched pair with the parent A375 line. A375 cells endogenously express a variety of integrins, but not beta 6. These cell lines have been used to validate the activity and selectivity of AvB6-binding peptides. Matched pair of A375P melanoma cell lines stably transfected either a puromycin resistance gene or puromycin resistance + human integrin beta 6


DiCara et al. 2007. J Biol Chem. 282(13):9657-65. PMID: 17244604.


Intergrins, cancer, melanoma, αvβ6

Prof John Marshall

Barts Cancer Institute

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