London Impact Support & Engagement Network


Current number of LISEN registrants:42


LISEN is a new network that offers an opportunity to think about impact and impact support in higher education beyond REF, while also checking in with each other through some unprecedented changes to the management of the REF process.

LISEN has three aims:

  1. Connect individuals and teams/disciplines working in impact support in Greater London.
  2. Crowdsource problems by using the network to answer specific questions.
  3. Support one another locally through national change(s) to the impact landscape (e.g. REF delay, UKRI Pathways to Impact, Horizon 2020, etc.).

In the first instance, we aim to make LISEN a virtual network that we can access easily and as needed.

To fulfil this aim, we have a mailing list that we invite you to join where you may introduce yourself, your likes, your dislikes, your favourite dessert or anything else. Feel free to use the mailing list to ask impact support questions in a very informal way, as well. You can join the LISEN mailing list by signing up here. You can send messages to the mailing list by emailing

In the future, when we are all back to whatever constitutes “normal,” we will take turns hosting each other around London at different institutions on a quarterly basis.

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions about the London Impact Support & Engagement Network or, indeed, any suggestions for future topics to discuss.

Upcoming events:

Please check back later!