Actual Experience


Actual Experience plc is a QM spin-out, set up in 2009 based on Prof. Pitts’ research, whose data analytics enable user experience management for the digital workplace.

The science: the analysis of complex traffic and network behaviours

The near-universal language of the Internet Protocol (IP) is the platform that brings together diverse applications and services, communicating over copper, fibre and wireless media. Despite a diversity of uses that were never envisaged in the early days of the internet IP still works as a universal standard. Although this brings significant operational and cost benefits, there are substantial challenges too: many, varied types of traffic share the same infrastructure and produce such complex behaviours that it is hard to predict the quality of an end user’s experience.

Putting research into action: impact on the end user experience

Since 2015, some of the world's largest service companies have actively introduced the service provided by Prof. Pitts’ spin out, Actual Experience plc, to their global customer bases, either directly or integrated within their offerings. For each enterprise customer, the service gives continuous visibility of staff user experience for mission critical applications, and diagnoses chronic impairments across hundreds of devices and service providers spanning multiple global regions. The actionable insight enables speedy issue resolution, and rapid improvement in service quality. The actual experience of the end user is used as the lens that enables companies to focus their resources on achieving consistent quality, enhancing productivity and improving business performance.

In 2015 Actual Experience’s project for Ofcom directly influenced UK government’s choice of 10Mbps as the minimum download speed for Universal Service Obligation (USO) for broadband. In March 2018, legislation for the USO was brought in by the Government for implementation by the end of 2019. Ofcom estimates that by the early 2020s, around 600,000 UK premises will be eligible to receive a USO connection.