Impact Acceleration Accounts

Impact Acceleration Accounts (IAAs)

Queen Mary University of London holds two UKRI Impact Acceleration Accounts (IAAs). These IAAs support the excellent research impact that happens as a result of either STFC or EPSRC research funding.

IAAs are strategic awards provided to institutions and are one of the funding mechanisms that supporting knowledge exchange, innovation and impact from UK Research and Innovation.

One of the ways Queen Mary makes use of this funding is by awarding small and large grants to support impact-related work for its STFC and EPSRC funded researchers. 


Our IAAs have the following objectives:

  • strengthening user engagement
  • strengthening the exchange of knowledge through culture change and capability development, including through the development of skills for KE activity
  • supporting knowledge exchange and commercialisation at early stages of progressing research outputs and outcomes to the point when they would be supported by other funding
  • supporting new, innovative and imaginative approaches to KE and Impact, including processes that enable “fast failure” and appropriate learning
  • supporting activities that enable impact to be achieved in an effective and timely manner, including secondments and people exchange

Current internal calls

Potential applicants are strongly encouraged to discuss their applications with IAA Officer, Dr Michal Filus or extension 7481.


EPSRC/STFC IAA Flexible Innovation Starter Fund

Proposals up to £5,000

Deadline: Ongoing, rolling call

This fund aims to kick-start and enhance the impact of EPSRC and STFC funded research discoveries by supporting short-term secondments, business/end user engagement and small-scale pre-commercialisation activities. Successful projects should move research outputs into a position where they are suitable for further translation funding (e.g. Innovate UK, QMUL Proof of Concept Fund or IAA Large Grant Funds) to achieve economic, technological, environmental, health, legal (e.g. policy change) or social impact.

Projects should normally be completed within 3 months and you can apply at any time. Funds will need to be spent by 31 March 2022.

Guidance and application form

IAA Flexible Innovation - Application Form [DOC 96KB]

Flexible Innovation - Guidance for Applicants [PDF 715KB]

Please refer to the EPSRC Outputs, Outcomes and Impacts Table [PDF 10KB]


IAA COVID-19 Rapid Response Impact Acceleration Fund 

Proposals up to £10,000

Deadline: Ongoing, rolling call

This funding is available for translational research projects across physical sciences and engineering disciplines, which have credible potential impact in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. Projects will be expected to start immediately or in a very short timescale (so that impact will be achieved directly and rapidly). Funded projects will be expected to achieve successful outcomes in a short space of time.

Projects should start immediately and be completed completed within 3 months. Applicants can apply at any time. 

Guidance and application form

IAA COVID-19 Rapid Response Impact Acceleration Fund [DOC 98KB]


EPSRC/STFC IAA Large Grants Competition

This call is now closed but will be open again in late 2020 (TBC). The below is for information only (IAA Large Grants Competition - June 2020 round).

You can apply for the EPSRC IAA and STFC IAA Large Grants Competition programme for funds up to £30,000 each to support the impact creation from EPSRC and STFC funded research. As part of the current competition, proposals for funds up to £10,000 will be evaluated by the IAA panel and proposals for over £10,000 will require an interview with the IAA panel. Funds will need to be spent by end of March 2021, so a clear plan of action is required at the application stage.

Guidance and application form

IAA Large Grant Competition - June 2020 - Application Form [DOC 135KB]

IAA Large Grant Competition - June 2020 - Guidance for Applicants v2 [DOC 141KB]

Please refer to the EPSRC Outputs, Outcomes and Impacts Table [PDF 10KB]