Funding impact

Queen Mary University of London holds two UKRI Impact Acceleration Accounts (IAAs). These IAAs support the excellent research impact that happens as a result of either STFC or EPSRC research funding. IAAs are strategic awards provided to institutions and are one of the funding mechanisms that supporting knowledge exchange, innovation and impact from UK Research and Innovation. One of the ways Queen Mary makes use of this funding is by awarding small and large grants to support impact-related work for its STFC and EPSRC funded researchers. 

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) has several funds for promoting and tracking impact across its lifecycle. The Collaboration Fund supports endeavours that bring together researchers and external partners. The Capturing Impact, Strategic Impact and Rapid Response funds all support the creation and evidencing of impact by and for researchers in HSS. If you are interested in finding out more about these impact funding opportunities, contact Nusrath Ahmed, the Research Impact Officer for HSS, at

The Queen Mary Innovation Proof of Concept (PoC) Fund is designed to provide funding for fast-track commercial validation of research. The PoC Fund supports projects that lead to a commercial milestone which will enable the opportunity to move to the next stage of a more comprehensive exploitation plan. The fund is £400k in total per annum. Applications can be for funding of up to £50k.

There are a number of funding avenues available to help support the development and delivery of public engagement activities. The Centre for Public Engagement are here to assist you with securing funding for projects—including providing our own funding streams for Queen Mary staff and students, supporting your application to external public engagement funds and help with how to include public engagement in grant applications.