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Professor Kavita Datta


Deputy Vice Principal (Research Impact); Professor of Development Geography



Kavita Datta is a Professor of Development Geography in the School of Geography at Queen Mary University of London and is the Director of the Centre for the Study of Migration. She was appointed to the role of Deputy Vice-Principal (Research Impact) in March 2018.

Kavita  is a development geographer whose research spans economic and financial geography, and migration studies, contributing to critical understandings of transnational migration, financialisation and migrants’ financial practices. These interests have been developed in a series of projects investigating the intersections between transnational migration and the shifting nature, politics and sensibility of work in global cities; migrants’ everyday remittance, debt, inheritance and charitable practices; the financialization of remittance intermediaries and financial inclusion and the increased significance of digital finance in migrants’ lives. Kavita also sits on the Steering Committee for the QMUL Mobile People: Mobility as a way of Life Leverhulme Doctoral Centre, and she is the QMUL lead for LISS-DTP Pathway 10: International Development, Conflict and Human Security.

As part of the London International Development Centre’s Migration Leadership team, Kavita has been involved in Global Migration Conversations held in Delhi (May 2018), Nairobi (July 2018), London (November 2018), Glasgow (January 2019) and forthcoming in Beirut (February 2019), New York (May 2019) and Mexico (May 2019). Additional events have also been organised at key migration conferences held in Barcelona, Thessaloniki and London. Regional in nature, these conversations have fostered engagement with migration and forced displacement scholars, national and regional policy makers and third sector practitioners, artists and museum curators, diplomats, migrants and refugees.