CritiQues – Critical Questions at Queen Mary

CritiQues is a new research engagement initiative scheme which aims to support ‘Critical Questions at Queen Mary’

It works to promote a small number of annual programmes of externally-focussed activity, drawing attention to the relevance of QMUL research to areas of major current debate and public interest.

In 2016-17, three themes have been selected for support. They are:

  • Addressing critical questions relating to type 2 diabetes risk and prevention in East London, led by Sarah Finer and Megan Clinch from the Blizard Institute
  • Sensing and Privacy, led by Andrea Cavallaro in the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science
  • Home for Refugee Children, led by Alison Blunt from the School of Geography.

For more information on CritiQues, please contact Emma Hare on