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Acclaimed academics and alumni

Nobel Prizes

Nine of our alumni hold Nobel Prizes. Six of these are for Physiology or Medicine – Lord Edgar Adrian (1932) for work on the function of neurons, Sir Henry Hallett Dale (1936) for his discoveries relating to the chemical transmission of nerve impulses, Sir Peter Mansfield (2003) for pioneering work on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), Sir Ronald Ross (1902) for work on the transmission of malaria, Sir John Vane (1982) for research on prostaglandins and Sir Peter J Ratcliffe (2019) for work on how cells sense and adapt to the availability of oxygen. In addition, Joseph Rotblat won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1995 in recognition of his work devoted to nuclear abolition and the social responsibility of scientists; Sir Charles Kao was jointly awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2009; Dr Mario Vargas Llosa was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.


We currently host nine Fellows of the Royal Society, 20 Fellows of the British Academy, 19 Fellows of the Academy of Medical Sciences and seven Fellows of the Royal Academy of Engineering. See here for a full list. We host numerous recipients of Fellowships from the Royal Society, European Research Council, Leverhulme Foundation, Royal Academy of Engineering, UK Research Councils and others. 

Research panel members

A great many of our leading researchers are involved at high levels in UK research council panels and committees, making vital decisions about grants and awards as well as strategic direction. 

Notable alumni and honorary awards

A list of some notable alumni can be found here, alongside our formal Honorary Fellows and Graduates.