Queen Mary Fellows

Collated January 2014, updated annually. Staff are welcome to send updates at any time to

Royal Society

  • Born, Professor Gustav FRS (Research Professor, William Harvey Research Institute and Emeritus Professor of Pharmacology in the University of London)
  • Bradley, Professor Donald FRS (Emeritus Professor of Inorganic Chemistry) (formerly QMUL)
  • Clarricoats, Professor Peter CBE FREng FRS (Emeritus Research Professor, School of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering) (retired)
  • Finlay, Professor Bland FRS (Professor of Microbial Ecology, River Laboratory)
  • Flower, Professor Roderick FMedSci FRS (Professor of Biochemical Pharmacology, John Vane Science Centre)
  • Gaster, Professor Michael FRS (Research Professor in Experimental Aerodynamics) (formerly QMUL)
  • MacIntyre, Professor Angus (Professor of Applied Logic)
  • Percival, Professor Ian FRS (Research Professor of Theoretical Physics)
  • Wald, Sir Nicholas FMedSci FRS (Former Director, Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine)

British Academy

Academy of Social Sciences

Academy of Medical Sciences

Royal Academy of Engineering 

Retired/Emeritus/Honorary QMUL

  • Professor Henry Beker
  • Professor Peter Clarricoats
  • Dr Adam Neville CBE
  • Professor Arthur Olver
  • Professor William Woods