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SEED Application


Your contribution

To apply, you’ll need to have spent a minimum of 10 hours on activity relating to teaching or student learning in one or more of these key areas: 

  • Design and plan learning activities and/or programmes of study 
  • Teaching and/or support of learning 
  • Assessment and feedback 
  • Development of effective learning environments – including virtual platforms – and approaches to student support


Some examples might include: 

  • Working on and developing curriculum documents 
  • Offering a student’s perspective on a podcast, video/other modes of delivery 
  • Sitting on steering groups or committees that discuss the current teaching environment and propose solutions (such as the Anti-Racism Steering Group or the working group on Clinical Reporting Procedures).
  • Taking part in buddy and mentoring programmes 


Your application

You’ll need to provide a written statement which outlines your contribution, based on 3-5 different activities of educational enhancement (at least 10 hours) 

The application must contain a reflection on what you have learnt and how you have developed as an educator and co-creator, in both narrative format and with a summary of take-home points.  It should also include a summary of recommendations for the curriculum/educators. 

Finally, a staff member needs to provide an endorsement which confirms your individual contribution as outlined in the reflection and recommendations. They should also provide feedback on how educational practices/content have changed as a direct result of your reflection/recommendations. 

If you want to know more, or need assistance in completing your application, you can book to meet one of our team here.



How do I get started with my application?

You can download relevant materials here to assist you in your application:

SEED Student Guidance Document [PDF 273KB]

SEED Application Form [DOC 98KB]

Please do not hesitate to contact the Teaching Recognition team if you require any further information.


Our next submission deadline is January 28th 2022, with a panel then taking place on February 16th 2022.

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