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Queen Mary Academy

Previous SEED Projects

Congratulations to all our 2020/21 SEED award winners: Angie Anifalaje, Aliya Buchanan, William Davies, Catherine Hogan, Aneeta John, Emediong Jumbo, Milton Justinsuthakaran, Mehr Karim, Benjamin Koetsier, Rosie Matthews, Talia Shugarman, Katie Simpson, and Eleanor Thomson.

Read about some of their projects, from enhancing the role of patients as educators for medical students and improving learning disability accessibility and support, to developing videos and teaching resources to promote chemistry as a degree and advocating positive changes for Black students in higher education.

Emediong Jumbo, Institute of Population Health Sciences

Emediong was one of the students
leading the campaign Black Students
Matter. The project explored a number of
issues that Black students face in higher
education including barriers to a positive
student experience and the attainment
gap. Emediong managed the Global Health Anti-Racism Sub-Committee, which investigated student experiences, current curriculum and assessment methods with a number of internal and external stakeholders.


William Davies, School of Biological and Chemical Sciences

William was one of the students involved in a project funded by the Royal Society of Chemistry that aimed to develop videos and teaching resources for undergraduate modules in chemistry, as well as informative material for sixth form students about Queen Mary and chemistry as a degree. The project was titled 'Student-generated teaching resources as a tool to enhance inclusion and diversity'.


Rosie Matthews, School of History

Rosie led a project on improving and developing the support and accessibility for students with learning disabilities. Rosie was able to offer personal insight and went on to enhance aspects of the QMPlus website, offer student perspective into the issues of having a learning disability and finally played an active role in initiating change within her department for struggling students.



If you have an idea or think you have made a significant contribution to the teaching or learning experience on your course, you should apply for the 2021/22 SEED award. Find out more here.