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Writing Retreats

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Let's Write! Online Writing Retreats

Typically a writing retreat is an occasion when a group of people get together to make progress on their research projects, detaching themselves from the usual pressures and responsibilities of their job or study. They ‘retreat’ in order to focus on writing.

Researcher Development organises three online writing retreats on Zoom every month, under the title Let's Write! Online Writing Retreat. We run one whole-day writing retreat and two half-day retreats, spaced about 10 days apart. The aims of our writing retreats are:

  • to support participants to make progress on writing projects by providing you with structured time and peer support to focus on your writing
  • to enable participants to better understand their writing processes and habits
  • to offer 1-to-1 feedback to give you some tips on different kinds of writing and different techniques to keep your productivity where you would like it to be
  • to encourage participants to develop good habits in their own writing practice